Pipe flexibility / Stress analysis

Safe designs

Analysis not only ensures piping is loaded within safe limits, but ensures equipment alignment and casing integrity...


Leak-free flanges

...analysis also ensures acceptable nozzle loadings and leak-free flange connections at vessels, tanks and equipment...



Engineered solutions

...and only when other more economic means are exhausted, a flexibility analysis highlights where more complex engineered solutions are required such as bellows or spring supports.

Using the latest industry standards, software and competent personnel in delivering piping stress analyses, Raeluce can provide an outsourced engineering service. We do this by either working to comprehensive client analysis procedures, or developing this together through site and process specific data, the Pressure Equipment Directive legislation and the prevailing design code for the project.


Our past experience covers a wide range of end-user facilities, including:

  • Floating production facilities
  • Fixed platforms
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plant
  • Terminals and mid-stream (oil, gas and fuels)

With a breadth and depth of materials analysis under load including:

  • Static process loads - typically pressure, temperature and self-weight
  • Environmental loads - wind, snow, fire, blast, fatigue, settlement
  • Dynamic (or pseudostatic) loading - earthquake

With the outcome of analysis focussed upon:

  • Piping loaded safely with its material stress limits with reference to the prevailing design code
  • Equipment not being overload - particularly pumps and vessels, with reference to associated equipment manufacturer data
  • Flanges not being under excessive forces and moments to cause leakage


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